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Take & Make: Hand Warmers

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Allowed Ages: 12 to 18 and up

Keep warm with your own custom microwavable hand warmer! Register to get your kit--it has everything you'll need except for scissors. This is a sewing project so there are sharp needles in the kit. No previous sewing experience is required. The stitching is simple and we'll have a video showing how to make the hand warmers.

Hand warmers just need 10-20 seconds in a microwave to warm up and they'll stay warm for up to half an hour. 

Kits include enough fabric to make a Crewmate from Among Us or you can make whatever shape you'd like. We were going to have the Crewmate available only for teens but some adults told us that was sus so we're leaving the design up to the makers. Fabric colors are random.


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