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"Signs of Spring" Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our "Signs of Spring" Photography Contest! The entries showcase a variety of places, moods, and moments. Thank you to all the participants for sharing your photos with us.  We've collected all of the entries into a gallery.

We picked winners in ten categories. Please note: participants are only allowed to win in one category.

Winner in Abstract Spring - Focus on Forms, Colors, & Texture: Lou Gusmano

Photo by Lou Gusmano

Winner in Backyard in Spring - Connecting With Spring Where We Live: Sandra Urban

Photo by Sandra Urban

Winner in Landscape in Spring - A Sense of Place, With or Without People: Timothy Patrick

Photo by Timothy Patrick

Winner in Macro - Close-up Images of Spring: Wyndie Giles

Photo by Wyndie Giles

Winner in People & Spring - Recreation, Adventure, & People Enjoying Spring: Candace Rogers

Photo by Candace Rogers

Winner in Plants in Spring - Cultivated or Wild: Chet Szerlag

Photo by Chet Szerlag

Winner in Travel - Spring Conveyed Through a Distance Place: Chris Nugent

Photo by Chris Nugent

Winner in Water in Spring - From Above or Below: Carmen Afryl

Photo by Carmen Afryl

Winner in Wildlife in Spring - Focus on Wild Creatures: Bonita Palma

Photo by Bonita Palma

Winner in Funniest - Comedy in a Spring Scene & What Makes Us Smile: Adam Lusch

Photo by Adam Lusch