Borrowing Materials From Other Libraries

Patrons looking for materials should first use the SWAN catalog. SWAN is a shared catalog of 80 academic, public and special libraries that provides borrowers access to an extensive collection of resources. The catalog may be used in the Library, at home or at work. Patrons may also call the Reference Desk in the Adult/Young Adult or Children's Departments to see if Woodridge owns an item.

Once patrons have determined that Woodridge Public Library does not own an item, the quickest way to borrow that material from a public library in our nearby area is to actually go to the owning library. All Woodridge Library cards in good standing are honored at other public libraries. Patrons should call the owning library themselves or ask a library staff member to call for them and make sure the item is actually on the shelf. Most libraries will hold materials several days at their Circulation Desks so that patrons can pick them up when convenient. Materials borrowed directly from other libraries may be returned to Woodridge to be delivered back to the owning library. 

If patrons have time to wait, Woodridge Library staff will bring items in from other libraries for patrons. Woodridge Public Library is part of an area-wide system (Reaching Across Illinois Library System) as well as part of a state-wide library network  (ILLINET). All members of these networks and systems are committed to sharing resources through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Interlibrary loans are transactions in which library materials are made available from one library to another upon request. An interlibrary loan is defined as a transaction in which the material moves from library to library for a designated user. The Woodridge Public Library adheres to the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS) Resource Sharing Policy [PDF], the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code [PDF] and the Library’s Interlibrary Loan Policy [PDF].

To Request and Reserve a SWAN Item

Woodridge Library cardholders with accounts in good standing may directly request and reserve library materials through SWAN. Search the SWAN online catalog for your desired item. When you have identified an item that you wish to request, click on the Request button. You will be prompted to enter your name, Woodridge Library card number and PIN (Personal Identification Number). If you have never entered a PIN before, then go ahead and choose any number. Requesting items from libraries that share our online catalog usually takes 4-5 working days, depending on availability. You will be notified when your item is ready for pick up at the Library. Patrons may select telephone, post card, or email notification. Once the item has arrived at the Library, materials will be held for seven (7) days at the Circulation Desk before they are sent back to the lending library.

Beyond SWAN

If an item is not listed in the SWAN catalog or is not a circulating item in SWAN, you may wish to search WorldCat, an international catalog that includes millions of books, recordings and audiovisual items in libraries of all types. Many of the items can be obtained for Woodridge Public Library cardholders through interlibrary loan. Newly published and non-print materials are often more difficult to borrow depending on the lending policies of the owning libraries.

To Request an Item through WorldCat

Go to the Library’s "Online Databases" page. Find and select WorldCat in the Library Catalogs list of databases. Search WorldCat for your item. When you have located an item select the Borrow this item from another library option in the Availability section at the top of the item record. You can also click on the (ILL) icon at the top of the page. Complete the required information fields and include additional comments if you wish. Click Submit. The screen will display a successful resource sharing request confirmation. There is no charge to borrow materials from within Illinois. Items supplied by libraries outside Illinois will incur a $3.00 fee. This fee reflects the actual postage charges the Library incurs in retrieving these materials for you. The Library will try to fill your request using Illinois sources prior to borrowing materials from out of state. Materials coming from libraries outside Illinois take longer to arrive. It is not unusual for materials to take several weeks to be supplied from other states. You will be notified when your item is ready for pick up at the Library or when the request is cancelled.

Photocopies of periodical articles may also be obtained from other libraries, although many periodicals are now available full-text in one of the Library's online databases.


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